Why GraspFX?

At GraspFX we endeavour to tutor you through the mosaic of financial markets. You will learn quickly how to improve your trading success and gain an edge and a confident trading style from your mentors.

After years of trading FX at the largest FX providers in the world we have utilised this experience onto a platform to profit from the retail FX market.

At GraspFX you will learn from mentors who have traded at the top tier institutions in the world. We have gained a vast experience trading in FX since the 1990 s and have honed these skills and applied them to trade successfully online from a retail platform. We will share this knowledge and give you an edge and a trading style that will increase your potential and profitability.

We also provide mentoring and tuition post our course. We believe that GraspFX is a community. We would like to invite you to join and benefit from idea generation and discuss potential trade ideas with entry and exit levels.

Our subscription service is available to students and members of the GraspFX community after their trading course. We believe mentoring is an ongoing relationship and we intend to nurture students as we guide them through the world of trading currencies.

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An Introduction to the Foreign Exchange market. Learn the Fundamentals and what creates currency movement.

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About GraspFX

GraspFX was founded on simple parameters – Craig Barton and Simon Hamilton; friends and business associates for many years - agreed that with the exponential expansion of the retail FX trading environment, it appeared there was the potential for a vast amount of people to lose money, and quickly. Current statistics show that between 85% to 95% of retail trading accounts fall short of expectations.

Our extensive market research revealed many interesting facts, but the main reason was very simple; most people that attempt to make money trading currencies have very little understanding of the factors that make currency pairs move and therefore have no strategic or logical reason to place a trade.

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