GraspFX was founded on simple parameters – Craig Barton and Simon Hamilton; friends and business associates for many years - agreed that with the exponential expansion of the retail FX trading environment, it appeared there was the potential for a vast amount of people to lose money, and quickly. Current statistics show that between 85% to 95% of retail trading accounts fall short of expectations.

Our extensive market research revealed many interesting facts, however the main reason was very simple; most people that attempt to make money trading currencies have very little understanding of the factors that make currency pairs move and therefore have no strategic or logical reason to place a trade.

However, there is a route to increasing your potential to generate an income in the Foreign Exchange market. GraspFX will help you to understand what makes it tick. With our tested strategy, we will show you how to succeed.

All people associated with GraspFX are bona fide Foreign exchange market professionals. Our course mentors have held positions in tier one financial institutions - successfully trading all currencies and related instruments. Simply put, Graspfx has the pedigree.

Our pledge is that all attendants to our courses will leave with a solid grounding of fundamentals, technical analysis and a proven trading strategy. Furthermore, we will provide you with trade management techniques that are currently used by the world’s largest currency managers.

Let us help you to GraspFX.

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About the Traders


Simon Hamilton (

Simon’s career spans 26 years and he has Citigroup firmly imprinted in his DNA, he is what is known as a home-grown success story.

Simon began work for Citigroup in 1990 and rose to become one of Citigroup’s most consistently profitable FX traders as part of the G10 team.

Through his career, Simon has been solely responsible for all G10 currency pairs. He has managed currency volumes on behalf of tier one hedge funds, multinational corporations across the globe, high net worth private individuals, pension funds and investment houses, amounting to billions of pounds worth of business.

Simon has successfully navigated through key world events and advised on FX exposure to hundreds of clients. Simon now concentrates on trading online, using the skills developed over his years at Citigroup to generate profits and advise investors.