FX training courses

An Introduction to the Foreign Exchange market. Learn the Fundamentals and what creates currency movement.

Exchange Rate principles, Bid and Offer, 2 way pricing, base currency, majors and minors.

Market Forces - who trades FX. Who are the drivers? How they affect intraday price action.

Risk Management - Manage your portfolio with proven trading strategies. Increase your chances of profitable trades and learn how to build your own trading style.

Trading Psychology - What really moves markets?

The Real FX Market Vs the Virtual Reality of Online trading Platforms.

Technical Analysis - Learn from our trading partner Tradermade. Let them guide you through the basics of charted markets and how to read historical patterns and signals to improve your trading potential.

Compliance and Regulation - Ahead of any potential career in trading we instill the importance of compliance and perception. (Advanced course)

Trading Simulation - Put your new skills to the test with our training simulation. Trade a world event to see if you have GraspedFX!

Upcoming Courses

There are currently no upcoming courses available


We offer a mentoring service for traders who have experienced our training seminar who require a more personal service from the team post the course. A direct line is provided where we can discuss trade strategies, our current risk exposure and what we are focusing on at any one period of time. We also offer in-house mentoring where a course attendee can spend some time with the GraspFX team at our headquarters. Here they can learn our intraday strategy and what we focus on during our trading day.

Spot Foreign Exchange for SMES

Are you happy with the spreads you pay to exchange currencies? Here at GraspFX, we can offer market rates that beat the high street. We also advise on hedging strategies for short or long term currency risk.

Weekly Market FX Commentary

We offer a weekly subscription to our trade publication 'FXpress'. Here we list our current risk exposure with entry and exit levels. We discuss our thought process behind our positions as well as our current focal points and expectations for upcoming events and data releases.